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New Book – Aerospace AS9100D

This year I published my second book focused on the Aerospace AS9100D requirements.

The book is a practical guide to understanding the detail of the standard and offers templates and models to work with to enable your business comply with these international requirements.

How to Buy It

It can be purchased through Amazon Books using the ISBN 978-1838276966.

This complements the previous book which offers the same pragmatic templates and models to comply with the international standard ISO9001:2015. It also can be purchased through Amazon Books using the ISBN 978-1912677016.

Training Masterclass Events

To complete the year Aragon Consulting created and offered a number of training masterclass events for businesses in general.

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management masterclass using the publication as a workbook to explore how to apply to any business. (1 day)

AS9100D Quality Management masterclass for the Aerospace community again using the publication exploring its application to your business. (1 day)

Root Cause and Corrective Action Problem Solving explores the fundamental tools and techniques in a workshop environmen. (5 hours)

Internal Audit Training – the application of a systematic process in auditing business procedures. (5 hours)

LEAN Manufacture – to look at the tools and techniques of embracing “LEAN” priciples to drive waste from the business. (5 hours)

Flowcharting masterclass – to record the key business processes and decompose them to identify issues, documentation, measures etc ultimately driving for continual improvement to establish a new status quo. (1 day) Some prework would be required.

Internal Quality Analysis – to gain an understanding of Quality Assurance & Control principles operating within the business. (1 day)

Courses can be run within the client’s own business or we can arrange external venues. Recommended attendees per course bewteen 8 and 12.

Further Details

Please request further details through the Aragon email address ( or telephone 07816508807.


Published Date: 23rd July 2021
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Aragon Quality Consulting

This is the initial blog post from David Hewitt, MD of Aragon Consulting Services Limited.

The company was formed in 2002 and has seen success working alongside over 35 clients during this period.

Quality, Process & ISO9001

The main services provided are identified as process mapping businesses to evaluate how they function and recommend improvements, generating flow diagrams and formal standard operating procedures along the way. These exercises have led to companies pursuing accreditation to ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO14001 Environmental and ISO18001 OH&S.

I intend to offer solutions and advice via this blog on these services during the coming months.

Please watch this space!


Published Date: 13th February 2013
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Managing business risk can be a daunting experience.

Many businesses are using the process of risk management in their Quality Management System architecture. It is already a sub-section of OH&S ISO18001 but its transition to the Quality System is adding value to the process. The management of risk is something we do badly – as statistics from the HSE demonstrate in 2011 when 171 people lost their lives and over 25,000 were injured in accidents across the UK.

Application of a simple model would assist in the reduction of the repetition of such figures. THE RISK REGISTER IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF THIS PROCESS…..The RISK Register


Published Date: 13th February 2013
Category: ISO18001 OH&S



Corrective and Preventive Action – the debate

The International standard BS EN ISO9001:2008 requires that mandatory procedures are available for both Corrective and Preventive Action. They could be combined but that is not advisable. Models of such procedures are available from my web site.

Corrective Action is taken as a result of non-conformances occurring as a result of any activity such as internal audit, rejects, customer returns etc. Formally recorded, it provides evidence of company procedure and should address why it happened and what steps are taken to not only correct the problem but to have sustainable actions in place to prevent it happening in the future.

Preventive Action is an “activity” that I encourage my Clients to build into the Management Review process. It becomes an agenda item where the management team (with input from others) identify, recognise, discuss, plan and act upon ideas that will improve the business or its processes to prevent the occurrence of potential problems in the future. These actions are delegated and recorded formally in the Management Review minutes.

If you requrie any further assistance please email aragon consulting.


Published Date: 13th February 2013
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Aragon is launching a new product this month, its not a new idea but it is packaged in a more user-friendly way. The usb navigates through a myriad of “RISK” issues facing any business. From Fire to Operational, from IT to Supply Chain, it will help identify the issues and risks and provide a review platform and structure to allocate responsibility and manage the mitigation actions to closure.

Call us to discuss if you require any further information.


Published Date: 21st January 2013
Category: Risk Management