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Quality Management Systems to ISO9001:2015

This new book, published only a few weeks ago guides the reader through the new standard requirements and offers templates and modules to use in your updated system.

It is both pragmatic and effective and has already successfully negotiatedquality-management external accreditation.


Published Date: 21st December 2016
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Quality Management Systems & Risk Management

A revision to the format and content of ISO9001 is being discussed to include RISK, for introduction in 2015. Businesses should be looking at including a risk management process within their quality (and environmental management systems) management systems as soon as practically possible to save duplication and extra work later.

It makes good business sense to be able to identify, evaluate, mitigate, review and close (or manage) risks at an early time in the business delivery cycle.

Aragon Consulting has pulled together a risk management process that contains all the elements a business should consider and along with a “Process focused” Quality Manual that signposts the way through the business documentation and procedures.

These products are available from our website right now and if any business requires further guidance please contact us at Aragon Consulting Services for a no obligation discussion. or telephone on 07816508807

David Hewitt

Managing Director


Published Date: 15th September 2013
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