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Corrective and Preventive Action – the debate

The International standard BS EN ISO9001:2008 requires that mandatory procedures are available for both Corrective and Preventive Action. They could be combined but that is not advisable. Models of such procedures are available from my web site.

Corrective Action is taken as a result of non-conformances occurring as a result of any activity such as internal audit, rejects, customer returns etc. Formally recorded, it provides evidence of company procedure and should address why it happened and what steps are taken to not only correct the problem but to have sustainable actions in place to prevent it happening in the future.

Preventive Action is an “activity” that I encourage my Clients to build into the Management Review process. It becomes an agenda item where the management team (with input from others) identify, recognise, discuss, plan and act upon ideas that will improve the business or its processes to prevent the occurrence of potential problems in the future. These actions are delegated and recorded formally in the Management Review minutes.

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Published Date: 13th February 2013
Category: ISO9001 Quality