New Book – Aerospace AS9100D

This year I published my second book focused on the Aerospace AS9100D requirements.

The book is a practical guide to understanding the detail of the standard and offers templates and models to work with to enable your business comply with these international requirements.

How to Buy It

It can be purchased through Amazon Books using the ISBN 978-1838276966.

This complements the previous book which offers the same pragmatic templates and models to comply with the international standard ISO9001:2015. It also can be purchased through Amazon Books using the ISBN 978-1912677016.

Training Masterclass Events

To complete the year Aragon Consulting created and offered a number of training masterclass events for businesses in general.

ISO9001:2015 Quality Management masterclass using the publication as a workbook to explore how to apply to any business. (1 day)

AS9100D Quality Management masterclass for the Aerospace community again using the publication exploring its application to your business. (1 day)

Root Cause and Corrective Action Problem Solving explores the fundamental tools and techniques in a workshop environmen. (5 hours)

Internal Audit Training – the application of a systematic process in auditing business procedures. (5 hours)

LEAN Manufacture – to look at the tools and techniques of embracing “LEAN” priciples to drive waste from the business. (5 hours)

Flowcharting masterclass – to record the key business processes and decompose them to identify issues, documentation, measures etc ultimately driving for continual improvement to establish a new status quo. (1 day) Some prework would be required.

Internal Quality Analysis – to gain an understanding of Quality Assurance & Control principles operating within the business. (1 day)

Courses can be run within the client’s own business or we can arrange external venues. Recommended attendees per course bewteen 8 and 12.

Further Details

Please request further details through the Aragon email address (services@aragonqualitysolutions.com) or telephone 07816508807.

Published Date: 23rd July 2021
Category: Aragon Quality Consulting