Process Mapping and Waste Reduction

Process Management

Aragon Consulting Services will facilitate mapping workshops to establish those processes at various levels, working within the scope of the exercise, that drive operational performance. This will require a contribution from members of staff and management.

Once the detailed mapping process is complete Aragon Consulting Services will be in a position to record the data, develop flow diagrams and procedural standards for future use.

This exercise has many advantages such as:-

  • To formulate and publish a Business/Quality/Environmental Manual
  • To create standard operating procedures/manuals
  • Staff work to the same processes and procedures
  • Provide training material for current and new employees
  • Achievement of staff “buy-in” through their contribution and involvement
  • Provides a forum to challenge the status quo and recommend improvements
  • Creates a culture of continuous improvement
  • Eliminates wasted elements in time, cost and process