Supplier Development & Approval – Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Supplier Development

Our professional resource has developed and managed critical supply routes across the world from America through Europe to the Far East. This can be a delicate operation, not only to understand the cultural differences but also the interpretation of customer requirements in-country.Aragon Consulting Services has the experience to manage such programmes on foreign soil from the initial project management visit to the detailed quality evaluation and approval to the required customer, regulatory or international standards.

Detailed audit / assessment reports will be prepared and presented to customer management. Non-compliances will be managed to completion with the necessary guidance and training delivered where appropriate.

Advantages of Supplier Management and Approval:-

  • Creates “partnership” values between customer and supplier
  • Increase standards and quality of product
  • Provides customer confidence that appropriate controls and standards are in place across the supply chain
  • Shares the business risk
  • Builds the “trust” relationship
  • Enables cost benefits to be pursued (low cost supply chain)